Ingolf (48) – No depression on the sunny island

‘I tend to have depression, so that’s why I am in a situation that seems desperate. I hope that in Mallorca I can get rid of old burdens and start a new life.’

Ingolf is a certified car mechanic and used to run his own car repair shop. In the divorce from his wife he lost everything: his company, his kids and his zest for life. For the last ten years he has suffered from depression and lacks motivation. Now he is trying to make a new start on the island.

In Mallorca he does an internship at a real-estate agency, and really enjoys working there. He takes care of houses worth a few million Euros and carries out his work with extreme competence. His boss is very content with his performance. He now wishes to turn his back on Germany and emigrate to Mallorca. In his opinion this would end his depression.