Robert (27) boxt sich durch

‚Many people say: what can you do when you are living on social welfare? I say you can do everything – you just have to want it. Willpower is the last thing to die.‘

When Robert was twelve his father committed suicide. This event has shaped his entire life. He did not finish an apprenticeship. But he is diligent and he uses every possibility that opens up for him as an unskilled worker. If there is nothing else to do he spends most of his time cleaning. For Robert his home cannot be clean enough. He suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but he tries to compensate this by being more diligent than others. In the Spanish lessons he tries to transcribe the whole dictionary. 

In Mallorca he works in an animal shelter. He loves animals. Sometimes he values their friendship and closeness more than the company of people. He befriends dogs abandoned by their owners and the animals really appreciate his presence.